mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

Google Gadgets 0.10 [DEB] QT and GTK! - English

Despite the fact that I'm running out of free time, I couldn't skip compiling the last stable release of Google Gadgets, the popular screenlets by Google... It's just become a tradition ofthis blog!

So version 0.10 is arrived; I've compiled a gtk and a qt debian package, here are the links:

For GTK version:

For QT version:

If you need also an icon for the menu, you can find ithere (it's in italian, but you just have to right click on the icon image and save it ;) )

Rpm package is coming!

UPDATE: it seems there is a problem after installing the package with files mime type (all the files, from pictures to mp3 are recognized as plain text documents). I need feedback to confirm whether the problem exists or not. In case, a fix is ready and anyone who need it has just to ask.

See you soon!

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  1. UPDATE: from version 0.10.1 (that you can find on this blog) the mime-type problem has been corrected (by hand-modifying the debian packages!)



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