martedì 12 agosto 2008

How to - Correct the installation error of Mathematica

If you tried to install Mathematica 6.0 on a fresh installed linux box, you've probably got this error:

Error: The installer was unable to check for a valid password file. Your
Mathematica installation may be incomplete or corrupted.

Installation failed. See /home/m/.Wolfram/Mathematica/6.0/InstallErrors.

But the activation password is supposed to be inserted later on, so what the hell is going on? The solution is, fortunately, just the installation of a small missing package!

The fact is that Mathematica is not able to find library, essential for the program to function.
You just have to open a shell and type:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 libstdc++6 libstdc++6-4.2-dev

to get all the library needed.
It will be sufficient to start the installation once again to have the program installed without problems!


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