lunedì 14 luglio 2008

ShaONe 0.9.7 [DEB] BETA! - English

Some time ago I've written a tutorial (in italian) on the use of sha1sum bash command to check on a regualr basis whether the files stored on the hard disk, or any other support are still intact or are corrupted.
The main limit of this system is that, once you've made the checkfile, you cannot rename/move your files anymore (provided that you want a no-error sumcheck).

How have I solved?

Since I was unable to find out anywhere something to make what I wanted, I've searched a bit into perl documentation and in the binary file formatting structure (mainly in image binary structure).
The suggestions of Mattia 2M4EVER Milleri have also been precious.
What came out is this program: ShaONe, that allows to save the hash of a file directly in the file, without compromising the normal usage of the file (you can still open/modify the file with any program you want as if the file was untouched!)

The program is in BETA version at the moment, this means using it on non backupped files is at your own risk! (Actually doing *anything* without a backup is a risk!).
Some things will probably change 'till the 1.0 version (manual on a separate file, deb package independent from the perl-base version installed, warnings and notifications messages will probably be modified), but the program is usable apparently without problems (from the tests I've made on it).

Remember that the program comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and if the computer blows up when you install it... well, it's not my fault! :D

The debian package can be found here, if you need rpm version, just ask!

The extensions supported at the moment are JPG,TIF,PNG,NEF and CR2, but if you need support to some other file type, drop a comment at the end of the post and I will see what I can do.

When 1.0 version will be released, the develop of a second version is planned.
At the moment the todo list for this second version includes:
- support to win;
- maybe a little optional GUI;
- the optional possibility to modify exif tags of an image without having to recreate the hash of the file using the powerful ImageMagick libraries (very interesting if you have a photo archive and you add once in a while some metadata without photoshopping the image)!

Once installed, write ShaONe in a shell to use it and write --help for a mini help on the program options.

Any comment, bug notification, idea is welcome!
The more feeback I receave the faster I can come up with a stable version!


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